Sep 262022
My first craft fair!

In the past couple of years, I have made and sold quite a few of my origami earrings online. This has been a fairly easy job for me, since I could make the earrings I wanted and put them up for sale when I wanted to. There was no pressure and it helped me make more and more complex earrings. This year, for the first time, I got a couple of opportunities to be a part of [Continued..]

Feb 142022

After the round wreath made from little paper rosettes, here is another wreath – this one a red, heart wreath. I had used red/brown sheets, cut circles from the paper and rolled these rosettes before gluing them to a heart-shaped wreath base. I had made one mistake that I will need to rectify in my next wreath. I think I should have painted my wreath base red before adding the flowers. Right now, I can see bits [Continued..]

Jan 012022
Happy New Year 2013!

Happy New Year, dear readers! I hope this new year is a blessing to all of you. So I wanted to start off the new year on the blog, with a beautiful project. I was working on a complex origami, which wasn’t turning out to be much of a success! So I ended up putting it aside, incomplete for now, and instead started working on an easier (but more time consuming!) project, namely a paper [Continued..]

Aug 162021

The origami lotus is yet another traditional, modular model and one that I had tried out recently. The assembly for the lotus is different from what I had done till date. After folding the individual modules (there are a total of 8 modules for the flower and 4 for the leaves), we assemble the modules in sets of 3 (2 flower modules and 1 leaf module) and tie them together. Once everything is held tight [Continued..]

Cherry Blossoms

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Jul 302021
Cherry Blossoms

Cherry blossoms are beautiful flowers that grow in abundance in Fall. You think of cherry blossoms and most of us would think of Japan These flowers, called Sakura in Japanese, have a variety of uses including culinary ones. The flowers are usually white in colour with pale pink near the stems. And I wanted to give these lovely flowers a try. I found a very simple traditional design for folding these flowers. It involves a [Continued..]