Apr 182022

This month has been a busy time for me, getting ready for the event I had posted about yesterday. And here is what I have been working on.. These heart earrings are a favourite of mine. And I have been making quite a number of them. Most of them have a little dangle and are about 5-6 cms in height. My daughter insisted that I make a few smaller ones too – she is very [Continued..]

Feb 122022
New Life

This dual coloured heart is designed by Andrey Lukyanov, an Ukrainian origamist, who has designed a whole bunch of heart/love-based origami! Using Google Translate, I gather from his website (which is in Russian), that this heart represents 2 halves of love which builds a new life. As far as the model goes, the creator has made a detailed video on how to fold it (link below). After the initial pre-creasings, the model is collapsed on [Continued..]

Jul 242021
Flower with Leaves

After the buttonhole flower yesterday, I was tempted to try out this little modular flower, complete with leaves! This flower was taught to me by an origami friend, some time back. Never got around to doing it. But since I seem to have a new-found enthusiasm for flowers, I decided to give it a go. The flower is made up of five modules. I had forgotten the length of the pieces (I knew for sure [Continued..]