Mar 312022

The rabbit by Stephen O’Hanlon is another easy rabbit to do. And I found it a lot more realistic than the traditional rabbit. Love the super-long ears of these rabbits! It takes very little time to complete – about 10 minutes or so. So I think it will also make a great kids project By the way, I am also trying out a new layout for the posts. I hope this works out well For [Continued..]

Mar 302022
Traditional Rabbit

The traditional origami rabbit is pretty easy to make and there are plenty of tutorials out there to help out. I have been trying out other rabbits as well, and am amazed at the number of origami rabbits there are – everything from the super simple to the super complex! I think I can make these every day for a month and still have pending designs! Model Details: Model: Rabbit Origin: Traditional Classification: Origami | Animals Difficulty Level: Simple Paper Ratio: Square [Continued..]

Jan 312022

The Origami Society of Madras has started a recent project – to fold as many models as possible, based on a particular theme and post it on the group’s Facebook page. The theme is selected via voting and this month’s theme has been Dragons. If you go through my posts, you will quickly realize that I have a general aversion towards folding life forms – I have about 50 posts on lifeforms as opposed to [Continued..]

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Apr 092022
Bear Bookmark

This origami bear head bookmark is designed by Klaus-DieterEnnen and isn’t very difficult to fold. Duo-coloured paper with brown and black might work out very well I think. Brown for the head and black for the little nose. Origami Details: Model: Bear Bookmark Creator: Klaus-DieterEnnen Website: The Origamist – Klaus-Dieters Origami Site Classification: Origami | Animals | | Bookmarks Difficulty Level: Low Intermediate Paper Ratio: Square Paper size: 5 inches Model size: 3.5 inches tall and 2.75 inches across Instructions: The Origamist – Klaus-Dieters Origami Site Tutorial: [Continued..]

May 162021
Elephant Bookmark

I have previously made a butterfly bookmark designed by Grzegorz Bubniak. And today, I tried out his elephant bookmark, which clearly shows an elephant’s head. It is quite easy to make out the ears, trunk and tusks. I like the colour change in the tusks. The bookmark works best with duo coloured paper – grey and ivory would be the most ideal colour choice, in which case the elephant would be in grey and the tusks [Continued..]