Aug 042022
Fumiaki Kawahata's Modular Ball

Fumiaki Kawahata’s most well-known origami is probably the Origami Yoda. But, I doubt I will ever make it – for one, I am not very clear on who exactly Yoda is (Star Wars and I are galaxies apart!!) and two, I am not really good at folding people/animals/birds from paper. Somehow my models don’t come out with a smooth finish and end up looking very unrealistic! The modular ball, on the other hand, is one [Continued..]

Jul 242022
Quick and Easy Modular

Yet another simple modular origami made from a waterbomb base. This one is even named ‘Quick and Easy Modular” The model looks complex but it is fairly simple to make. Reminds me of the origami spinner. The modular is made from 6 units which are pretty easy to fold. The modules lock well and require no glue. Yet another project for beginners to modular origami! Model Details: Model: Quick and Easy Modular  Creator: Heather Shida Classification: Origami | 6 Units [Continued..]

Jan 282022
Hydrangea Cube

If you notice, I have recently been working on easy origami. So I thought I would try out something a bit more challenging. This hydrangea cube was a good attempt and I am quite pleased with how it has turned out How to go about this? Well, you initially make 6 of Shuzo Fujimoto’s hydrangea tessellations. In origami, tessellations are folded from a single sheet of paper and provides a dimensional appearance. The hydrangea tessellation [Continued..]

Feb 172021
Double sided Convex Hexagonal Ring Solid

The Double sided Convex Hexagonal Ring Solids is another series from Tomoko Fuse’s book ‘Unit Polyhedron Origami‘. The book describes a series of polyhedra that can be quite easily completed. The double-sided convex hexagonal ring solid modules are quite easy to complete. I found the assembling to be much tougher than the usual modular designs from Tomoko Fuse. The little tabs that need to be inserted into the next tab required the use of a [Continued..]

Feb 012021
Cube of Love

With Valentine’s day coming up, the origami cube of love would make a great DIY gift It is a modular cube with a whole bunch of hearts in it! It is made from 6 units, each unit with a heart in the middle. The modules are made from half a square, that is, rectangles in the ratio of 1:2. They are quite easy to make. Use duo-coloured paper to get good contrast between the heart [Continued..]