Jan 182022

Prisms in Mathematics are polyhedrons where the top and bottom faces are polygons that are identical. The sides are parallelograms. I was trying out the prisms from  Miyuki Kawamura’s book ‘Polyhedron Origami for Beginners’. And it turned out to be really simple. Each of the prisms can be done in 10-15 mins in all. Well, there really isn’t much more to say! Give it a go Model Details: Model: Prisms Book: Polyhedron Origami Author: Miyuki Kawamura Classification: Origami | Polyhedra Difficulty [Continued..]

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Jun 172019

The Tsuzura are actually wicker boxes that are woven from strong fibres such as bamboo. The origami tsuzura are actually sturdy little boxes made from 4 squares of paper (2 for the base and 2 for the lid). The ones I have made are from 5 inch squares and they would make lovely ring boxes. They are sturdy if made from slightly thicker paper. The first one I made was from some icy blue wrapper [Continued..]

Feb 182019
Fluted Diamond

A very simple modular origami is the fluted diamond by Molly Kahn. In addition to being simple to make, they can also be used in many places. They make beautiful decorations, make them small enough and you can turn them into earrings or pendants or even bracelets or maybe mobiles. These are made from 2 squares of paper, from the square base. The units have pockets and flaps and are assembled using those. This can [Continued..]

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Jan 192019
Party Plates

Origami Party Plates are simple and fun to make. And they are quite practical too. They are quite effective substitutes for the usual plastic plates. They are unique, so they are bound to be noticed during a party! A few party plates are described in Tomoko Fuse’s book ‘Fabulous Origami Boxes’. Each of the party plate is made up of the plate and a inside lining, to add strength and beauty to the plate. I [Continued..]

Jan 042019
Cake Box

This origami cake box by Tomoko Fuse, is one of the earliest boxes that I folded. It turned out to be an elegant box and was not too difficult to fold either. The dome comes out very well, without any creases and the little flower-shaped knob at the top adds to the beauty. Not only is the cake box beautiful to look at,  it also makes a fully functional cake box! The box shouldn’t take [Continued..]

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