May 212022

Well, after a long time I worked on some modular origami – the origami football (soccerball). Absence really does make the heart grow fonder, cos I absolutely loved making the football. It helped that it very closely resembles a real football, so much so that my daughter wanted to kick it around! And everyone in my house is in love with it Unlike most modular origami, the individual modules are made from equilateral triangles. For [Continued..]

Oct 172021
Envelopes - with little bits of Origami!

Continuing from my previous post on handmade envelopes, here are more of these envelopes. I made a couple of sets of these envelopes with little origami decorations. The paper used, both for the envelopes and the decorations, is thick, handmade paper in antique gold and copper gold. Thick paper = simple origami! So I had to discard quite a few ideas I had. I am sure I will try more of these envelopes with slightly [Continued..]

Oct 122021

I am sure you are wondering whatever I have been doing for the past one month, without posting anything on the blog! I have actually been quite busy working on quite a few pieces to put up in my online shop. While making the pieces haven’t been a problem, for some reason I am having quite a bit of trouble photographing them and posting pics on the blog! One such is these little gift envelopes, [Continued..]

May 162021
Elephant Bookmark

I have previously made a butterfly bookmark designed by Grzegorz Bubniak. And today, I tried out his elephant bookmark, which clearly shows an elephant’s head. It is quite easy to make out the ears, trunk and tusks. I like the colour change in the tusks. The bookmark works best with duo coloured paper – grey and ivory would be the most ideal colour choice, in which case the elephant would be in grey and the tusks [Continued..]

May 112021
An Origami Summer!

Recently, I discovered a group of bloggers in Chennai (which is where I live) and they had a blog called Blogger Kootam, which literally translates to ‘a crowd of bloggers’. I have never been a part of a blog group, so was quite delighted to find them, further more because they are an arts-and-crafts group! So, Blogger Kootam has a ‘Summer Craft Month’ for May, where you can craft/create based on Summer and they will [Continued..]

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