Aug 272021

The peacock is a beautiful bird and I have been trying to fold it for quite some time now – ever since I got the book ‘Origami Sculptures’ by John Montroll. And I did manage to fold it a couple of weeks ago, on 15th August. That is the Indian Independence Day, and in case you did not know this, the peacock is the national bird of India – an added incentive to fold! The paper I had [Continued..]

Feb 172021
Double sided Convex Hexagonal Ring Solid

The Double sided Convex Hexagonal Ring Solids is another series from Tomoko Fuse’s book ‘Unit Polyhedron Origami‘. The book describes a series of polyhedra that can be quite easily completed. The double-sided convex hexagonal ring solid modules are quite easy to complete. I found the assembling to be much tougher than the usual modular designs from Tomoko Fuse. The little tabs that need to be inserted into the next tab required the use of a [Continued..]

VW Bug

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Sep 012019

 Well, hello there..  It seems only now that we started the year 2010 and we are already stepping into the month of September! I love this month, cos my birthday is coming up and so is my dad’s, my sister-in-law’s and whole lot of other relatives’ birthdays too! Lots and lots of shopping to be done!! Yay!! And today, I am all the more excited because I attempted my first complex origami, the VW bug, designed [Continued..]

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