Jul 052022
Traditional Lotus - Revisited

My daughter has recently become very keen on recycling and reusing whatever she can. So when I was recently asked to make a few origami lotuses, she came up with the idea of making literary lotuses! And we are both delighted with the way the lotuses turned out. We initially tried a complete literary lotus – that is, the flower and the leaves were an old book paper. But our second attempt – book paper [Continued..]

Jan 252022
Modular from Unit Origami Fantasy

Tomoko Fuse’s book ‘Unit Origami Fantasy’ is in Japanese, so I am not able to find the name of this model! Hence the generic title for the post As far as the model goes, this is a simple model, made from a windmill base. I used printer paper (80 gsm) for the units, which turned out pretty good for this model. I think if I had used regular 60 gsm origami paper, the model might not [Continued..]

Oct 222021
Sonobes for Christmas

I recently ordered a lot of origami paper from Kim’s Crane and am now thrilled with my supply of beautiful origami paper And since I had so much of variety, I decided to start off making Christmas decorations from them. And, I think the most common origami decoration for Christmas must be the Sonobe! So here are a whole lot of origami sonobes made in a variety of colours and patterns, all set for Christmas. [Continued..]

Aug 162021

The origami lotus is yet another traditional, modular model and one that I had tried out recently. The assembly for the lotus is different from what I had done till date. After folding the individual modules (there are a total of 8 modules for the flower and 4 for the leaves), we assemble the modules in sets of 3 (2 flower modules and 1 leaf module) and tie them together. Once everything is held tight [Continued..]

Jul 072021
Ninja Star Cube

Here is the final cube from the book ‘Modular Origami Polyhedra’. The Ninja Star Cube is also made from 12 modules. The one I tried is the second cube. This one is a bit more ornate than the original ninja star cube. It has got a couple more folds which gives a little variety to the folds. Each face of the cube has the shape of the star in the middle. The star is clearer [Continued..]