Aug 282022
Rings and Spirals

The origami spiral is yet another beautiful modular origami by Tomoko Fuse. Because of how colourful it looks, I had tried this out a long time back – about 3 years back, when I was pretty much a newbie to origami. While folding the modules was pretty easy, I just couldn’t figure out how to connect one unit with the next. And finally gave up. Now, since I have gained a little more experience, I [Continued..]

May 102021
Square Spiral Box

I love folding spirals and I think the queen of origami spirals would be Tomoko Fuse! So since it has been a long time since I folded boxes with spirals, I tried out this little 4-sided box, from her book ‘Let’s Fold Spirals‘. This box is the second of the 2 square boxes and is a pleasure to fold. It took me about 15 minutes to complete the full box, pretty fast I think. I [Continued..]

Feb 082019

I still am fascinated with shells and spirals and Tomoko Fuse’s shell/nautilus (am not really sure of the difference between the two!) from her book on spirals (Let’s Fold Spirals. The is a book in Japanese and I picked up the English name from here) is a good place to start. The spiral sea shell A which I tried, turned out to be an interesting origami to fold. The diagram is clear and makes the [Continued..]

Jan 232019
Square Spirals

  To tell the truth, I am not sure of the name of these spirals, since the book from which I followed instructions is in Japanese. But since the spirals have a square shape, I ended up calling them Square Spirals! Tomoko Fuse’s book on spirals ‘Origami Spirals’ contains instructions for making a lot of different spiral ornaments. Ornaments from both squares and triangles (half a square, cut on the diagonal) are both easy to [Continued..]

Jan 092019

Tomoko Fuse’s spirals and shells are elegant looking pieces that look very complicated but are in fact not all that difficult to make. The design can be found in her book ‘Let’s Fold Spirals’. The book is in Japanese but the instructions are pretty much self explanatory. There are also quite a few tutorials to help out if needed. Each of the spirals in the pic is made from 4 modules that are twisted into [Continued..]