May 252020
Week 09 (Day 03): Triangular Boxes

Tomoko Fuse’s boxes are really simple to make and I love making them! So here goes another of her boxes from her book ‘Quick and Easy Origami Boxes‘. I rather like the little knob on the lid. Adds a little something and gives us a handle to use to open the box Origami Details: Model: Triangular Boxes Creator: Tomoko Fuse Book: Quick and Easy Origami Boxes Author: Tomoko Fuse Classification: Origami | Boxes | Modular Difficulty Level: Low Intermediate Paper Ratio: Square [Continued..]

Dec 222019
Week 04 (Day 03): Christmas Tree

Continuing on my Origami Christmas Trees, here is another tree that resembles the Christmas tree. This one is slightly more complex than the last one I had posted, but when I had first seen pics of this tree, I fell in love with the “leafiness” of the model and had to try it out immediately. The instructions upto Step 12 is the same as the last Christmas tree, but after that it gets more complicated [Continued..]

Dec 012019
Toshie's Jewel

Christmas is almost here!! I love this time of the year. And this year, to add to the usual joy of Christmas, I will also try and add as many posts on Christmas origami as possible And to kickstart this season of love, here is a Sunken Sonobe 3 unit assembly. The usual 3 unit sonobe assembly is called Toshie’s Jewel, presented first by Toshie Takahama. She had strung along a number of these units [Continued..]

Mar 302019
Diamond Earrings

These earrings are made from a variation of the sonobe units, created by Mitsonobu Sonobe. They are easy to make and look very elegant. They actually look much prettier that this My photographic skills at fault here. They are made up of 3 modules each. Each module takes about a minute to make, so creating the unit takes about 10 minutes maximum! Add a couple of beads and earring hooks and voila! You have a [Continued..]

Jan 212019
Triangular Boxes

Tomoko Fuse is probably the queen of origami boxes and my favourite origamist. So I had recently bought yet another of her books, ‘Fabulous Origami Boxes’. While browsing through the book, the triangular boxes caught my attention. I think they are better looking than the usual square boxes. These boxes are made of 3 modules and are quick to make, not more than half an hour. Solid coloured paper will best bring out the folds. [Continued..]

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