Aug 122022
Strawberry Wreath

The strawberry wreath is a simple variation of the origami traditional 16-pointed star. While the original star is single-coloured, this variation is double coloured and looks good with double-sided paper. The moment my daughter saw the strawberry colours I had used for this star, she decided that it should be named the Strawberry Wreath I have been meaning to make a tutorial on one of the traditional origami designs and have now revised the plan [Continued..]

Jun 292020
Spiky Wreath

This modular wreath is a great project for beginner origamist who are just starting off with modular origami. It is a traditional design and quite simple. I love how eye-catching the end result is! I had placed this at my desk in office and everyone who passed by, had a couple of remarks to make on the star Model Details: Model: Spiky Wreath Origin: Traditional Classification: Origami | Modular | 16 Units Difficulty Level: Simple Paper Ratio: Square Paper Size: 2 inches Modules: 16 Tutorial: Youtube Instructions: Origami [Continued..]

Oct 272019
Week 02 (Day 03): Ring 10

Tomoko Fuse’s Ring 10 from her book ‘Origami Rings and Wreaths’ is another interesting design to work on. And the wreath is just thick enough and circular enough to make the perfect Christmas Wreath! I had used some Christmas wrapping paper and I love the mix of red and green in the ring. The ring is made from 16 squares. I had used 3 inch squares and the final ring measured about 4.5 inches in [Continued..]