Aug 282022
Rings and Spirals

The origami spiral is yet another beautiful modular origami by Tomoko Fuse. Because of how colourful it looks, I had tried this out a long time back – about 3 years back, when I was pretty much a newbie to origami. While folding the modules was pretty easy, I just couldn’t figure out how to connect one unit with the next. And finally gave up. Now, since I have gained a little more experience, I [Continued..]

Jan 242022

After making origami prisms in the previous post, it seemed natural to try out the antiprisms next. Antiprisms are similar to prisms but the difference is that the side faces are triangles instead of parallelograms. Also, the top and bottom parts are twisted, relative to each other. For these antiprisms, I used 3.5 inch squares – 3 squares for the triangular antiprism, 4 for the quadrilateral one, 5 for the pentagonal antiprism and 6 for the last [Continued..]

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Dec 232020
Multi Points Star

The Multi Points Star, by Ilan Garibi, is a great addition to my origami collection this Christmas. The stars are modular, easy to make and can be used to make stars with as many points as required, starting with 6 points. I realised that paper that is thicker than usual origami paper works great for this model. So I ended up using printer paper, wrapper paper etc. I tried with various sizes of squares as [Continued..]

Dec 242019
Week 04 (Day 05): Christmas Tree Variation

This Christmas tree variation is based on the Spiky Christmas tree. It looks the same as this tree but the variation is that this one does not require any glue to hold it together. The spiky tree, the other hand, does require glue to ensure that it maintains the tree shape. The no-glue part is achived by using an open sink at the top of each the branches, except the top most one. The sink [Continued..]

Dec 212019
Week 04 (Day 02): Spiky Christmas Tree

Here is another of the Christmas trees, this one slightly more difficult than the last one. I am not really sure of the creator this model but I had found the tutorial on youtube. This model does require glue to hold the layer together. There is a slight variation to this as well, one that does not require glue, which I will post soon. Thick paper, works well for this model. Printer paper works fine [Continued..]