Feb 142022

After the round wreath made from little paper rosettes, here is another wreath – this one a red, heart wreath. I had used red/brown sheets, cut circles from the paper and rolled these rosettes before gluing them to a heart-shaped wreath base.

I had made one mistake that I will need to rectify in my next wreath. I think I should have painted my wreath base red before adding the flowers. Right now, I can see bits of the white base between the flowers. So that is a big mistake I think.

Model Details: 

Model: Paper Rosette Heart Wreath

Origin: Traditional

Difficulty Level: Low Intermediate

Paper Ratio: Circle

Paper Size: 3 inches

Model Size: 13 inches in length and 12 inches across

Number of Units: ~ 200

Tutorial: Youtube

  4 Responses to “Paper Rosette Heart Wreath”

  1. Hey, Pearlie, What is wrong with YOUTUBE link? Not available?

  2. Pearlie,
    You can put some red glitter and cover the white patches seen.. It will also add some richness to the wreath..