Jun 242022
Paper Jewelry

If you are wondering if I have abandoned the blog, well, that isn’t happening any time soon! But I haven’t been making a lot of origami per se. More of origami jewelry and experimenting with paper – what paper to use for what, size – what size is good for adults/children, design – what design is easy to work on and so on and on. And the result of those experiments are the earrings and [Continued..]

Apr 162021
Alice Gray Butterfly

  After completing the Birdwing Butterfly from a few days back, I gave Michael LaFosse’s very famous Alice Gray Butterfly a go. This is a much simpler butterfly to work on, but looks as beautiful as his more complex designs. And to aid me in my origami, I had recently purchased Margaret van Sicklen’s book ‘The Joy of Origami‘. The reason I had purchased the book was because of the beautiful paper that comes along [Continued..]

Apr 122021
Birdwing Butterfly

The origami birdwing butterfly is yet another of Michael LaFosse’s beautiful butterflies. I love folding LaFosse’s butterflies, as they are not very simple but at the same time, not so complex that they give you the shivers, just looking at the instructions either! The book ‘Origami Butterflies‘, by Michael LaFosse, takes you through a system of discovery for folding an unlimited variety of origami butterflies. The book is great to add to your collection, if [Continued..]

Mar 142021
Akira Yoshizawa's 101st Birthday

A few days back I read a joke that 90% of people using Google.com, use it to check if their internet connection is working and only the remaining 10% use it for searching! Well, it looks like most people I know were busy checking their internet connections today, cos I have got endless messages, pings, calls informing me that today is Akira Yoshizawa’s birthday, thanks to the Google doodle today I have got suggestions on [Continued..]

Sep 112019
Week 01 (Day 06): Traditional Butterfly

What would butterfly week be without the traditional butterfly? These butterflies are again, easy to make and would be good as a little something on the wall I think. Small size is the key. Paper size 3-4 inches is good. Model Details: Model: Traditional Butterfly Origin: Traditional Classification: Origami | Butterflies Difficulty Level: Simple Paper Ratio: Square Paper Size: 3 inch Instructions: Dave’s Origami Emporium