Oct 142022
A visit to the zoo

After a long time, we have had a long weekend and my daughter has been quite excited about it! She had already prepared a list of things to do during this weekend. At the top of the list was a visit to the zoo. So that is what we did on Saturday morning. The Madras Crocodile bank is a couple of hours journey from our house and is a major attraction here. It is one [Continued..]

 Posted by Oren Green
Oct 032022
Icosahedron using Snapology

Let me start of by saying that the more I read about origami snapology, the more information I find! Plenty of tutorials are available to make the basic snapology unit. As for assembling the units into various polyhedra, there are tutorials for assembling the Icosahedron but all other polyhedra are strictly DIYs But once we understand the polyhedral shapes, using snapology units to form those shapes is fascinating, though challenging. To start off with the [Continued..]