Nov 052022

Origami Igel Kusduama The Igel Kusudama is a modular origami designed by the amazingly creative Lukasheva Ekaterina. The model is assembled from 30 units. The units are east to fold and easy to assemble.

The model works best with duo-coloured paper, which I haven’t used! For a single-sided paper, darker colours would work great, which I discovered to my dismay, when I assembled the model!  The shades of green that I have used, made the model a bit too dull. But nonetheless, it is a great model to fold.

The curls give a flowery appearance, which I liked very much. For a more angular version of the model, just stop before curling the little petals.

Model Details:

Model: Igel Kusudama

Creator: Lukasheva Ekaterina

Classification: Origami | Modular

Difficulty Level: Low Intermediate

Paper Ratio: Square

Paper Size: 3 inches

Model Size: ~4.5 inches tall


Tutorial: Youtube