Oct 192019
Sun Dial

The last of the 3D wreaths that I tried was the Sundial, also called the Woven Wreath, designed by Christine Edison. The wreath is made from 20 modules and each module fits into the next perfectly. Though Mette’s 3D ring is my favourite, this is also a beautiful model to work on. I am not sure that so many colours in the ring is the way to go. I guess it would have looked much [Continued..]

Feb 042019
Christmas Tree Ball

The Christmas Tree Ball or Origami Icosidodecahedron is a modular origami made from 20 squares of paper. This is, in fact, Tung Ken Lam’s jitterbug units assembled into an icosidodecahedron. The jitterbug units are themselves quite easy to make. They can also be assembled without glue, though I prefer gluing the modules together. I had this pretty wrapper paper that was great for this model. But it looks equally good in solid colours. Thin origami [Continued..]