Apr 152022
Kusudama Spiral

The kusudama spiral, which looks to me to be less of a kusudama and more of a modular design, is created by Irina Krivyakina. The design is very similar to Tomoko Fuse’s spiral origami. In this design, the 6 sides of the cube are first assembled individually and then put together using connecting units. Each side of the cube is made up of 4 units which are folded together to form the spiral. A total [Continued..]

Apr 302021
Santiago Flower Ball

The Santiago Flower Ball is an origami model by Mette Pederson, the well-known creator of the Mette Rings. I must say I love this model! It looks rather like modern art I think. My daughter insists that it looks like a lantern and has been using it as one! If you hold the model by one of the flowers, it actually does resemble a lantern I had used printer paper, which was perfect for folding [Continued..]