Mar 182022
Tsuru Rose

If you are familiar with folding the traditional origami crane and the origami Kawasaki rose, then why not try out the Origami Tsuri Rose – a modified crane with a rose in the centre. The tsuru rose has been on my to-do list for quite some time. And finally I was able to try it out – mostly because the monthly theme at the Origami Society of Madras is a crane and I didn’t want [Continued..]

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Jan 142022

I don’t usually fold animals or birds, because they are usually quite difficult to fold! But this little sparrow was a delight to fold. I also liked the look of it. It doesn’t look like a real sparrow, more like the cartoon version, with a nice long tail and a pair of jaunty wings. The sparrow fairly easy to fold, though I did get stuck in the third step initially. For those trying out for [Continued..]

Aug 272021

The peacock is a beautiful bird and I have been trying to fold it for quite some time now – ever since I got the book ‘Origami Sculptures’ by John Montroll. And I did manage to fold it a couple of weeks ago, on 15th August. That is the Indian Independence Day, and in case you did not know this, the peacock is the national bird of India – an added incentive to fold! The paper I had [Continued..]

May 112021
An Origami Summer!

Recently, I discovered a group of bloggers in Chennai (which is where I live) and they had a blog called Blogger Kootam, which literally translates to ‘a crowd of bloggers’. I have never been a part of a blog group, so was quite delighted to find them, further more because they are an arts-and-crafts group! So, Blogger Kootam has a ‘Summer Craft Month’ for May, where you can craft/create based on Summer and they will [Continued..]

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May 052021

Have you got email forwards with a list of fun facts, one of them saying that a duck’s quack does not echo and no one knows why? Well, if you have, then you can strike off this ‘fact’, cos a duck’s quack does echo! And once we have ascertained that, we can then proceed to folding an origami duck. This is a traditional design and it can be folded in a variety of sizes. I folded mine [Continued..]