Jul 242021
Flower with Leaves

After the buttonhole flower yesterday, I was tempted to try out this little modular flower, complete with leaves! This flower was taught to me by an origami friend, some time back. Never got around to doing it. But since I seem to have a new-found enthusiasm for flowers, I decided to give it a go. The flower is made up of five modules. I had forgotten the length of the pieces (I knew for sure [Continued..]

May 282020
Week 09 (Day 06): Cherry Blossom Box

I hadn’t come across any 5-sided modular boxes until recently. For the week on boxes, I had wanted to work on triangular, square and pentagonal boxes. And while searching for them, the first pentagonal box I came across was Dennis Walker’s Cherry Blossom Box. A very pretty box to fold, it ends up with a star shape in the top and 5 petals on top of the star. It folds best with stiffer paper. I [Continued..]

Nov 232019
Simple Modular Star

This is actually a very simple modular star, made from simple square bases. I had actually done this as a wealth-from-waste project, using some left over wedding invitations that my brother had given me. His invites were a gorgeous combination of red and white and I also loved the texture of the card. So I reused the card to make a simple star ornament. Just a bit of glitter and I was done. And I [Continued..]

Apr 102019
Cherry Blossom Dish

This Cherry Blossom dish is made from 5 squares and includes glueing. It is quick to make and comes out looking really good. I didn’t really like the choice of paper I had used but I did manage to make it. The design is by Ku-Ku on Youtube I think, though I am not completely sure of this. There is a kusudama, made from these units as well. This is designed and demonstrated by Barbabellaatje, [Continued..]

Jan 122019

Carry your Easter eggs in this little flower basket, that comes complete with a handle too! This flower basket is made from 2 squares of paper. One forms the basket and the second one is cut into quarters and each of them for each of the 4 centre petals. The basket can be made with or without the handle. If the handle is included, it needs to be inserted into the centre petal. It might [Continued..]