Apr 172022

This month’s theme at the Origami Society of Madras is a little different from usual. This month, we are working on a theme author instead of a theme object. And the author we have voted for is the grand-master of origami – Akira Yoshizawa. The beauty of Akira Yoshizawa’s models lie in the simple, elegant lines of his fold. His genius is evident in the way he captures an animal or an insect with the [Continued..]

Mar 162022

The Origami Society of Madras, of which I am a part, is a Facebook group, made up of origami enthusiasts in Chennai (Madras of yore). So a few days back, there was an origami folding challenge on the theme, ‘Aqua’ ie., any origami that is related to water can be folded – shells, fish, frogs etc. The event will be coming to an end on 17th March. Well, I only recently came to know of [Continued..]

Jan 142020

The origami Goldfish is a simple extension of the Samurai Helmet. It does involve a couple of cuts though, so have a pair of scissors in hand before proceeding with the origami Similar to the kabuto, dual coloured paper would be the best for the goldfish. If made small enough, they make beautiful earrings too! Model Details: Model: Goldfish Origin: Traditional Classification: Origami | Sealife Difficulty Level: Low Intermediate Paper Ratio: Square Paper Size: 3 inches Instructions: Web Japan

Nov 052019
Killer Whale

The Origami Killer Whale is an intermediate model, created by John Montroll. I recently got the book ‘Origami Under the Sea‘, written by John Montroll and Robert Lang. Some of the models in the book are complex ones but quite a few of them, like the killer whale, are intermediate in difficulty. I love the little description that is given for each of the models. For the whale, the description says that they are known [Continued..]

Nov 032019
Origami Under the Sea - John Montroll & Robert Lang

  ‘Origami Under the Sea’ by John Montroll and Robert Lang is a recent purchase of mine. I had done the Killer Whale from the book and will be posting it soon. I found the book to be very interesting, consisting of simple to complex models, 25 models in all. I had tried out the Barracuda as well, one of the complex models. It turned out pretty ok, though I had used the wrong kind [Continued..]

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