Jul 202022
Magic Circle

I am always on the lookout for some easy origami to teach my daughter. And when I find modular origami that she can do, I am doubly delighted. So yesterday, I happened upon this beautifully easy modular action origami, the origami magic circle and of course, had to immediately fold it. It is so simple that it took me all of 15 minutes to fold and assemble the 8 modules! Each module starts from a [Continued..]

Jun 242022
Paper Jewelry

If you are wondering if I have abandoned the blog, well, that isn’t happening any time soon! But I haven’t been making a lot of origami per se. More of origami jewelry and experimenting with paper – what paper to use for what, size – what size is good for adults/children, design – what design is easy to work on and so on and on. And the result of those experiments are the earrings and [Continued..]

Oct 152021
Alpha Centauri Ring

I love folding wreaths and rings, especially the 3D variety. I have folded a few like the Mette’s Ring – 3D Variation, Sun Dial, Eifel Star. And I found this Alpha Centauri Ring, designed by Martin Sejer Andersen, a good and easy ring to fold. It is a 3D ring, made from 8 units. The fold starts with dividing the paper into thirds. You can of course, approximate it and fold, but much simpler to fold [Continued..]

May 012021
Compass Rose

Summer is a hot, hot time here, with temperatures touching 100 F (~ 38 C). So I am hardly in a position to go out. The next option for me is of course, to fold something. And what is the most appropriate origami to fold, than the sun? The first origami sun that popped up was Jo  Nakashima’s sun. But before I started working on this one, I chanced upon an Origami Compass Rose (Wind [Continued..]

Feb 022021
Heart Wreath

Wreaths are great for any occasion and are a sure addition for Valentine’s Day. I found quite a few origami heart wreaths for Valentine’s day and actually thought that I could have a week of heart wreaths! Maybe I will do it next year For now, here is a very pretty and elegant wreath, made from 8 heart units. Red and white hearts would look great, I admit, but I wanted to try out another [Continued..]