Feb 092022
Heart Dish

This heart dish is a modular dish, made from 4 squares. An apt origami for Valentine’s Day I thought. I am not able to find out the creator of this model. The youtube tutorial that I referred to, mentions that it is Tomoko Fuse, but unfortunately I am not able to find this model under her name on the Origami database. And well, whether the creator IS Tomoko Fuse or not, it is still a [Continued..]

Jan 252021
Star Container Variation

After completing the origami star container (aka 8-cornered basket) from one of my previous posts, I was browsing to see if variations of the container was available. I came across this Star Container variation, one that forms a narrower opening. In addition to liking this variation, I also liked the paper that I had used to this model. This is from a collection of paper that I had got from one of my recent purchases [Continued..]

Jan 172021
Star Container

These origami star containers, that can double as vases, are a great traditional origami to fold. They are made from a single square sheet of paper, the thicker the better. I had initially tried mine with origami paper and then with regular copy paper. The copy paper one turned out to be much more sturdy. The folds are quite simple and starts from a square base. They are great for storing little knickknacks. I filled [Continued..]

Aug 232019
Pencil Pot

I had seen this origami quite some time back and had thought it was actually made by cutting and pasting. It does look like that, doesn’t it? So I was pleasantly surprised when I found the instructions on Marc Vigo’s website and realised that it is actually folded (no cuts, no glue). The pencil pot works best when using thick paper. The first time I tried it, step 5 to 6 was quite frustrating and I [Continued..]

Apr 062019
Zoubi Bowl

When I first saw Philip Chapman-Bell’s creations on Flickr (he is known as oschene), I wanted to try them out. Most of his creations have a flowing, natural look to them and they don’t even look creased! But in most cases only a crease pattern is available in his site, ‘The Fitful Flog‘. And since I am yet to learn to use crease patterns, I haven’t been able to try out his designs at all. [Continued..]