Oct 172021
Envelopes - with little bits of Origami!

Continuing from my previous post on handmade envelopes, here are more of these envelopes. I made a couple of sets of these envelopes with little origami decorations. The paper used, both for the envelopes and the decorations, is thick, handmade paper in antique gold and copper gold. Thick paper = simple origami! So I had to discard quite a few ideas I had. I am sure I will try more of these envelopes with slightly [Continued..]

Aug 112021
Invites with cherry blossoms

In case you are wondering what I have been doing with that bunch of cherry blossoms I had done previously, here you go.. All those cherry blossoms were made specifically for some special invites. My brother and sister-in-law had recently constructed their office (till now they have been renting out a place) and were planning a small ceremony for dedicating the office to our Lord. So these invites were sent out to some relatives, some [Continued..]

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Cherry Blossoms

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Jul 302021
Cherry Blossoms

Cherry blossoms are beautiful flowers that grow in abundance in Fall. You think of cherry blossoms and most of us would think of Japan These flowers, called Sakura in Japanese, have a variety of uses including culinary ones. The flowers are usually white in colour with pale pink near the stems. And I wanted to give these lovely flowers a try. I found a very simple traditional design for folding these flowers. It involves a [Continued..]

Cherry Blossom Kusudama

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May 182019

I finally present the very famous Cherry Blossom Kusudama, designed by none other than Tomoko Fuse. Cherry blossoms are usually white or pink in colour but I decided that my kusudama need a bit more colour, so here is a vivid red(orange??)-with-flecks-of-white kusudama The kusudama is made from 30 squares of paper; folding the individual units is the easy part, though it is more complex that most other kusudama units. The fun starts when you [Continued..]