Mar 312021
Palm Decorations

 Tomorrow is Palm Sunday, so today has been quite a busy day for us! We have this tradition in our Church, where we decorate the Church with palm leaves. Well, you can’t just hang palm leaves throughout the Church, so we usually make these simple decorations with the palms and then tie them to the windows, doors. They turn out like little flowers and make great additions to walls, windows, even stair cases, or just as [Continued..]

Mar 142021
Akira Yoshizawa's 101st Birthday

A few days back I read a joke that 90% of people using, use it to check if their internet connection is working and only the remaining 10% use it for searching! Well, it looks like most people I know were busy checking their internet connections today, cos I have got endless messages, pings, calls informing me that today is Akira Yoshizawa’s birthday, thanks to the Google doodle today I have got suggestions on [Continued..]

Mar 052021

In Mathematics, a Triangular Bipyramid is a six-sided diamond, made from six isosceles triangle faces. As the name suggests, the Triangular Bipyramid is constructed by joining two Triangular Pyramids (Tetrahedra) along one face. The Origami Triangular Bipyramid is designed by John Montroll, in the book ‘A Plethora of Polyhedra in Origami‘. The last polyhedron that I had made from this book was way back in 2010. I had done the Decahedron then. The Triangular Bipyramid [Continued..]

Mar 012021
Diagonally Folded Triangular Unit Solids

 The diagonally folded triangular unit solids is the last of the polyhedra described in Tomoko Fuse’s ‘Unit Polyhedra Origami’. The model I have folded is the 60 Unit Variant Cube star, consisting of 32 triangular pyramids and 6 square pyramids. The triangular pyramids are quite stable but the square ones are not quite that stable. But they are anyway, surrounding by the triangular pyramids, so the overall structure is very stable. I found that assembling [Continued..]