In Mathematics, a Triangular Bipyramid is a six-sided diamond, made from six isosceles triangle faces. As the name suggests, the Triangular Bipyramid is constructed by joining two Triangular Pyramids (Tetrahedra) along one face. The Origami Triangular Bipyramid is designed by John Montroll, in the book ‘A Plethora of Polyhedra in Origami‘. The last polyhedron that I had made from this book was way back in 2010. I had done the Decahedron then. The Triangular Bipyramid [Continued..]


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Jun 032019

A Decahedron is a solid polyhedron with ten plane surfaces. As per the wiki, there are 32300 topologically distinct decahedra! The decahedron is yet another design from John Montroll’s ‘A Plethora of Polyhedra in Origami’.  The design is for a decahedron made up of 10 equilateral triangles and is of intermediate difficulty. The paper that I have used is hand made paper with streaks of gold in it. I found the paper great for folding [Continued..]

Platonic Solid – Octahedron

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May 012019

Did you know that the Platonic Solids were named after the Greek philosopher Plato? He believed that these were the fundamental components of nature and associated fire to the tetrahedron, earth to the cube, air to the octahedron, water to the icosahedron and the element cosmos to the dodecahedron. As the name suggests, the Octahedron has got 8 sides, each of them equilateral triangles. I had thought that folding it would be more difficult than [Continued..]

Platonic Solids – Cube

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Apr 302019

Here is the second of the models from John Montoll’s book, ‘A Plethora of Polyhedra in Origami‘, the Cube or to keep with the naming conventions of Polyhedra, the Hexahedron. The cube that is most commonly folded is the traditional waterbomb. The cube that is folded by John Montroll is made without any creases on any of the 6 faces and is again an easy model to make. The book gives the difficulty level as [Continued..]

Platonic Solids – Tetrahedron

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Apr 262019

John Montroll’s book ‘A Plethora of Polyhedra in Origami‘ is one of the best origami books for me. All models in the book are polyhedra, starting with the tetradedron and cube and moving on to the sunken models and the extremely complicated Dodecahedra models. Usually polyhedra models are folded from multiple pieces of paper that are then locked together to form the model. The beauty of John Montroll’s models is that all of them are [Continued..]

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