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Palm Decorations Tomorrow is Palm Sunday, so today has been quite a busy day for us! We have this tradition in our Church, where we decorate the Church with palm leaves.

Well, you can’t just hang palm leaves throughout the Church, so we usually make these simple decorations with the palms and then tie them to the windows, doors. They turn out like little flowers and make great additions to walls, windows, even stair cases, or just as hangings in a garden.

All you need, in order to make this flower decoration, is the palm leaf and a pair of scissors and it takes all of 2 minutes to complete it :) So here is a quick tutorial for you to try out too..

What you need:

1. Palm Leaf

2. Pair of scissors

Instructions (Click on the picture for a larger one:

Tutorial - Palm Decoration

  1. Select your palm leaf. Any size works fine. You can usually add around 4-5 flowers in a simple leaf, more for longer leaves.
  2. Leave around 3-4 inches from the end of the leaf and make a cut at an angle (approximately 45 degrees) on the leaf. Start from the open end of the leaf and make the cut till it meets the central vein (I think it is called the midrib). Make more such incisions are equal intervals. I have marked these incisions with circles. This can be repeated till the very end, but leave at least 6-8 inches at the tip for tying the decoration in order to hang it up.
  3. Once the cuts are completed, at each of the cuts, peal down the leaf till midway to the end or the next cut.
  4. Open out the leaf, so that you can now separate it into 2 sections.
  5. Take the right leaf and fold it backwards and behind the left leaf.
  6. Fold as far back as it will go and tuck it behind the left leaf.
  7. Fold back the left leaf in the same way, backwards and behind the right leaf.
  8. Tuck it behind the right leaf. You should have something like an inverted ‘V’ now. Adjust it a bit so that the bits that are sticking out are even on both sides. Once you are happy with the positioning, crease the leaf at the folded points so that it holds together in place.
  9. Repeat it. Figure 9 shows 2 such flowers completed.
  10. Once completed, you should have your long stalk of palm flowers, ready for hanging! :)
And you are done!!
So, were you able to do it? Do drop a comment if you have made such palm flowers before :)


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  2. This is a great Palm Sunday Activity! Just posted on Craft Gossip!

  3. Being a South Indian, such decorations are very common here, but I am surprised to hear that Christians in other parts of the world too decorate their houses and churches this way. Thanks for the info

    • I am also a South Indian :) Great to find another person from the south!
      The reason I posted the tutorial is because it is very common in our Church but the kids in the Church didn’t know how to make it, so I was teaching them while decorating the Church. So it made sense to convert my hands-on class into a tutorial!

  4. Great, nice to see that you are posted in Craft Gossip and Totally tutorials.

  5. Hi !that was a great idea to share about the palm leaf decoration!

  6. Oh this makes me feel nostalgic for the good times in my home town Kerala where such palm leaf decorations are so common!
    Love your blog– cant figure out how to follow it!

    • Oh you are a Keralite? I have seen a whole lot of these decorations while visiting there. Love them!

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  7. Interesting^^

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