Aug 122022

Origami Strawberry Wreath

The strawberry wreath is a simple variation of the origami traditional 16-pointed star. While the original star is single-coloured, this variation is double coloured and looks good with double-sided paper. The moment my daughter saw the strawberry colours I had used for this star, she decided that it should be named the Strawberry Wreath :)

I have been meaning to make a tutorial on one of the traditional origami designs and have now revised the plan and decided to make one on this variation. So hopefully soon, I should have my next tutorial ready :)

Model Details:

Model: Strawberry Wreath

Origin: Traditional

Variation: Oren Green

Classification: Origami | Star | 16 Units

Difficulty Level: Simple

Paper Ratio: Square

Paper Size: 3.5 inches

Model Size: ~ 6.5 inches in diameter