Mar 312021
Palm Decorations

 Tomorrow is Palm Sunday, so today has been quite a busy day for us! We have this tradition in our Church, where we decorate the Church with palm leaves. Well, you can’t just hang palm leaves throughout the Church, so we usually make these simple decorations with the palms and then tie them to the windows, doors. They turn out like little flowers and make great additions to walls, windows, even stair cases, or just as [Continued..]

Mar 202019
Paper Bracelets - Tutorial

So, remember the kiddie bracelets that I had made about a month back? For my daughter and her friends? And remember I promised a tutorial for that?? So here is my promised tutorial. It is quite simple to make, so have a go.. What you will need:  – Rectangular pieces of paper. You will need an even number of pieces. Around 20 – 22 pieces works for a regular size. You might need more or [Continued..]

Paper Bracelets

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Feb 262019
Paper Bracelets

When we were kids, we used to make these bracelets and use them as Friendship bracelets. Unfortunately we didn’t have access to colourful paper, so we used to make do with paper torn out of our notebooks (very naughty I know!), or paper from comic digests or magazines that we managed to get hold of. So anyway, after many, many years, now my daughter wanted me to make something for her friends. There are 3 [Continued..]