Apr 302021
Santiago Flower Ball

The Santiago Flower Ball is an origami model by Mette Pederson, the well-known creator of the Mette Rings. I must say I love this model! It looks rather like modern art I think. My daughter insists that it looks like a lantern and has been using it as one! If you hold the model by one of the flowers, it actually does resemble a lantern I had used printer paper, which was perfect for folding [Continued..]

Leaf Card

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Apr 242021
Leaf Card

  This origami leaf card is folded from an A4 or A5 paper. The leaf design is formed by pleating the paper. Paper with print on one side and solid colour on the other works well for design. The only issue was that, I would have loved it if the leaf could have been made from the same print, rather than the solid colour. But if I interchanged the colours, the inside of the paper [Continued..]

Kids in Church

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Apr 202021
Kids in Church

A little humour from kids in Church “Our Father, Who does art in heaven, Harold is His name. Amen” – 3-year old Reese A little boy was overhead praying – “Lord, if you can’t make me a better boy, don’t worry about it. I’m having a real good time like I am.” After the christening of his baby brother in church, Jason sobbed all the way home in the back seat of the car. His [Continued..]

Apr 192021
Mennorode Star

Carmen Sprung must be one of the few origami artists who uses paper in ratios involving square root(√) values! One of the previous Carmen Sprung’s designs that I had worked on was the √3 Schachtel, which used paper in the ratio of x:√3x. The Mennorode Star uses paper in the same ratio ie., x:√3x. In the diagram, she has also explained how to get this size, from a square sheet of paper. The design is [Continued..]

Apr 162021
Alice Gray Butterfly

  After completing the Birdwing Butterfly from a few days back, I gave Michael LaFosse’s very famous Alice Gray Butterfly a go. This is a much simpler butterfly to work on, but looks as beautiful as his more complex designs. And to aid me in my origami, I had recently purchased Margaret van Sicklen’s book ‘The Joy of Origami‘. The reason I had purchased the book was because of the beautiful paper that comes along [Continued..]