May 292022
A Remake - Little Turtle Kusudama

One of my favourite modular origami is Tomoko Fuse’s Little Turtle Kusudama. I had made them a couple of years back, using beautiful, vibrant paper. I had a workshop coming up and wanted to remake this model, since my previous kusudamas have been distributed long back! While previously, I had using paper that had colourful flowers on a white background, this time I wanted to go with a softer tone. And I quite like the [Continued..]

May 212022

Well, after a long time I worked on some modular origami – the origami football (soccerball). Absence really does make the heart grow fonder, cos I absolutely loved making the football. It helped that it very closely resembles a real football, so much so that my daughter wanted to kick it around! And everyone in my house is in love with it Unlike most modular origami, the individual modules are made from equilateral triangles. For [Continued..]

May 102022
Beach Wreath

Summer is a time for beach-themed projects and challenges I think. Last year, I had made a summer-themed origami composition. This year, a Facebook group, called Chennai Crafters had a challenge for May, which comes to a close today. I tend to wait till the last minute before completing projects! The theme was simple – Beach. Anything to do with the beach is good. The challenge was that we are not to use our usual [Continued..]

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The Little People’s Festival – the event

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May 072022
The Little People's Festival - the event

The Little People’s Festival about which I had posted a few days back, an event which I was eagerly looking forward to, finally happened on 27th April. And if you are wondering why I took so long to post details of the event, well, I just turned lazy after a month-long effort of preparing for the sale! The day of the event started off bright and sunny as most days do in this part of [Continued..]

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May 062022
A colourful knick-knack dish

I had tried out another of these paper knick knack dish. Instead of using a similar coloured paper for the reeds, I went with a variety of colours from a magazine. The paper was thicker than the paper from my last attempt. So making the reeds and making the discs were quite painful. Took quite a toll on my fingers! But once again, I am quite delighted with the outcome. The glue-water mix I had [Continued..]

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