Oct 032022
Icosahedron using Snapology

Let me start of by saying that the more I read about origami snapology, the more information I find! Plenty of tutorials are available to make the basic snapology unit. As for assembling the units into various polyhedra, there are tutorials for assembling the Icosahedron but all other polyhedra are strictly DIYs But once we understand the polyhedral shapes, using snapology units to form those shapes is fascinating, though challenging. To start off with the [Continued..]

Jul 052022
Stand In The Corner Box

The Stand in the Corner of the Desk Drawer Box (Whew! That is a mouthful!) is deceptively simple box/pen stand designed by Thoki Yenn, the well known designer of origami magic rings. The stand is folded from a A4 sheet. I would suggest regular copy paper or something thicker for folding this model. Copy paper results in a pretty good stand, but the best stand is from scrapbooking paper (160 gsm or more). Some things [Continued..]

May 212022

Well, after a long time I worked on some modular origami – the origami football (soccerball). Absence really does make the heart grow fonder, cos I absolutely loved making the football. It helped that it very closely resembles a real football, so much so that my daughter wanted to kick it around! And everyone in my house is in love with it Unlike most modular origami, the individual modules are made from equilateral triangles. For [Continued..]

Leaf Card

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Apr 242021
Leaf Card

  This origami leaf card is folded from an A4 or A5 paper. The leaf design is formed by pleating the paper. Paper with print on one side and solid colour on the other works well for design. The only issue was that, I would have loved it if the leaf could have been made from the same print, rather than the solid colour. But if I interchanged the colours, the inside of the paper [Continued..]

Week 06 (Day 2): Heart Box

Feb 082020
Week 06 (Day 2): Heart Box

The origami heart box is a very elegant origami created by Robin Glynn. I just love this box! It isn’t very difficult, it is amazingly economical (it is made from just 1 A4 sheet of paper, one half for the lid and the other for the base) and it is the perfect size to hold jewellery. Most origami boxes are modular pieces and to get a box this size, you would need really small modular [Continued..]