May 212022

Origami Football Well, after a long time I worked on some modular origami – the origami football (soccerball). Absence really does make the heart grow fonder, cos I absolutely loved making the football. It helped that it very closely resembles a real football, so much so that my daughter wanted to kick it around! And everyone in my house is in love with it :)

Unlike most modular origami, the individual modules are made from equilateral triangles. For my football, I had used A5 sheets (If you have A4 ie., the regular copy paper, cut it in half horizontally to give 2 A5 sheet). Each A5 sheet gives 2 white triangles and 3 black triangles. A total of 20 white pieces and 12 black pieces are needed. So that makes it 10 white A5 sheets and 4 black A5 sheets (In A4 terms, it is 5 white and 2 black A4 sheets).

The white and black pieces are folded differently, as we need white hexagons and black pentagons. While assembling the ball, each black pentagon will be surrounded by 6 white hexagons. You should be aware that of these 6 white hexagons, one side will have a pocket which will be empty. That is because of the combination of hexagons and pentagons and nothing to worry about :)

So give it a go and have fun with the football. It is pretty robust, so you can even throw it around a bit!

Origami Details:

Model: Football

Creator: Mark Leonard

Website: Mark Leonard’s Origami Page

Classification: Origami | 32 Unit Modular | Everyday Things

Difficulty Level: High Intermediate

Paper Ratio: Triangle

Paper size: A4 paper

Model size: 4 inches diameter

Instructions:  Mark Leonard’s Origami Page

Tutorial: Youtube

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