May 292022

Origami Little Turtle Kusudama - VariationOne of my favourite modular origami is Tomoko Fuse’s Little Turtle Kusudama. I had made them a couple of years back, using beautiful, vibrant paper.

I had a workshop coming up and wanted to remake this model, since my previous kusudamas have been distributed long back! While previously, I had using paper that had colourful flowers on a white background, this time I wanted to go with a softer tone. And I quite like the paper I have used – cream coloured paper with a gold pattern on it. I had bought this paper more than a year back and found it while going through my huge stack of paper!

What say you? Does it look good? Or is it too dull?

PS: While entering the model details, I realised that I had previously marked the difficulty as high intermediate. Well, it was quite difficult for me then. But now, I think it is a low intermediate model. So what do I do? For now, I am going to continue marking it as high intermediate, because my blog is mostly used by beginner origamists. And I believe I need to re-look at my past posts to ensure that the difficulty level is labelled correctly ie., for beginner origamists :)

Model Details:

Model: Little Turtle Variation

Creator: Tomoko Fuse

Book: Multidimensional Transformations Unit Origami

Author: Tomoko Fuse

Classification: Origami | 30 Units | Polyhedron

Difficulty Level: High Intermediate

Paper Ratio: Square

Paper Size: 3 inches

Model Size: 4 inches


  2 Responses to “A Remake – Little Turtle Kusudama”

  1. very nice.. is it to be used as a wall hanger or dangler? can a light bulb be placed within it and strung to make a lovely lampshade? actually, couldn’t see well from the pic whether the inside is hollow or not..

    • Yep, it is hollow inside. But it isn’t very big – only 4 inches in diameter, so it isn’t really feasible to fit a light bulb inside.
      But I have occasionally seen these kusudamas in bigger sizes, with a light inside – does make a great lampshade and can be hung from the ceiling.