Aug 012022
Christmas Paper Jewelry

Christmas is another 2 months away, but Christmas exhibitions and craft bazaars are sooner and well, I hope to participate in at least 2 Christmas events! So I have been busy making origami jewelry. This one, the origami angel earrings, is something new that I have trying out this year. And going from the response on my Facebook page, I hope this will sell well These literary paper star bracelets are new favourites of mine! [Continued..]

The Little People’s Festival – the event

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May 072022
The Little People's Festival - the event

The Little People’s Festival about which I had posted a few days back, an event which I was eagerly looking forward to, finally happened on 27th April. And if you are wondering why I took so long to post details of the event, well, I just turned lazy after a month-long effort of preparing for the sale! The day of the event started off bright and sunny as most days do in this part of [Continued..]

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