May 292022
A Remake - Little Turtle Kusudama

One of my favourite modular origami is Tomoko Fuse’s Little Turtle Kusudama. I had made them a couple of years back, using beautiful, vibrant paper. I had a workshop coming up and wanted to remake this model, since my previous kusudamas have been distributed long back! While previously, I had using paper that had colourful flowers on a white background, this time I wanted to go with a softer tone. And I quite like the [Continued..]

Week 05 (Day 05): Pinwheel Cube

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Jan 212020
Week 05 (Day 05): Pinwheel Cube

The Origami Pinwheel Cube is designed by Tomoko Fuse and is found in her book ‘Multidimentional Transformations Unit Origami‘. The cube is formed from just 6 units, so I feel it is the easiest that I have done in this series It is also, obviously, the one with the least number of units! Model Details: Model: Pinwheel Cube Creator: Tomoko Fuse Book: Multidimensional Transformations Unit Origami Author: Tomoko Fuse Classification: Origami | Modular | 6 Units Difficulty Level: Low Intermediate Paper Ratio: Square Paper Size: 4 inches [Continued..]

Jan 122020
Little Turtle Variation

A few months back, I had done Tomoko Fuse’s Little Turtle and this time I tried a variation of that. Instead of using 3 modules to form those little holes, the variation uses 5 units. Other than that, everything else remains the same. The design doesn’t really need origami paper. It looks good in wrapper paper that is brightly coloured too. The first little turtle I had made was also from the same paper as [Continued..]

Little Turtle Kusudama

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Jul 012019

We are already into the 7th month of the year! Amazing how time flies.. And to kickstart the second half of the year, here is Tomoko Fuse’s Little Turtle kusudama. This is another favourite of kusudama folders since it is not very difficult to make but looks stunningly beautiful when made in wrapper paper. The name comes from the shape of the modules which kinda resembles a turtle This kusudama is made from 30 units [Continued..]