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Paper Bracelets So, remember the kiddie bracelets that I had made about a month back? For my daughter and her friends? And remember I promised a tutorial for that?? So here is my promised tutorial. It is quite simple to make, so have a go..

What you will need: 

- Rectangular pieces of paper. You will need an even number of pieces. Around 20 – 22 pieces works for a regular size. You might need more or less depending on the size of the pieces.

  1. If the paper you are using is thick (like copy paper, handmade paper, wrapper paper) and if the edges are smooth (if you have used scissors or a paper cutter, then the edges will be smooth), then cut out rectangles in the ratio 1:4. 1 inches by 4 inches is a good size to start with.
  2. If the paper you are using is thin (like most magazine paper) or if the paper does not have even edges, then cut out rectangles in the ratio 1:2. 2 inches by 4 inches is the usual size I use for bracelets I make for adults. 1.5 inches by 3 inches works well for my daughter’s bracelets.

- Tweezers or something sharp to help insert the last bit


Making the Unit – Type 1

If you have cut rectangles in the ratio 1:4, then make units following these steps (Click the picture above for a larger image):

1. I have used 3 colours for the bracelet. White, black/white, black.

2. Fold the rectangle in half, along the longer edge.

3. Fold in half to form a smaller version of the long rectangle. This is the completed unit. Repeat the same steps for the remaining units as well.

Making the Unit – Type 2

If you have cut rectangles in the ratio 1:2, then make units following these steps. There are a couple more steps involved, but the resulting braclet is sturdier than the first one. (Click the picture above for a larger image):

1. I used wrapper paper with a blue design on the front and plain blue on the back. I have started with the plain blue at the top.

2. Fold in half length-wise.

3. Unfold.

4. Fold the right edge to the central crease from Step 2.

5. Repeat with the left edge.

6. Refold along the central crease from Step 2.

7. Fold in half, from top to bottom. This is the completed unit. Repeat for the remaining units.

Making the Bracelet Chain

1. All the units beautifully folded before making the bracelet! :)

2. Hold one unit vertically and fold another unit around it horizontally, leaving enough space for inserting another unit. In the picture, the white is wrapped around the black.

3. Fold the leg of the vertical piece as shown. The leg will now aligned with the horizontal unit.

4. Fold the triangular leg back so that it lies on the horizontal unit. The clip is not necessary. I just needed something to hold the fold in place while photographing it!

5. Flip over so that the edge AB becomes BA. The leg is now at the top.

6. Repeat Step 3 again, as in the picture.

7. Fold over the triangular leg as in Step 4.

8. Add the next unit, this time horizontally.

9. Repeat the steps, folding the traingular bit and folding back over the previous unit.

10. Flip over, so AB becomes BA. And repeat the steps. Continue till you have the required length of bracelet.

Completing the Bracelet

Completing the Bracelet

1. Once you have completed the required length of bracelet, you will need to complete your bracelet. For this, take the last legs of the unit and insert into the space you left in the first unit of the bracelet.

2. You will need to put in a little effort, along with efforts from a tweezer in all probability, to ensure that all the bits and pieces are pushed into the little space.

3, 4. You will need to repeat the same steps, to form the triangle and fold back.

5. The bit that is standing out has to be pushed behind the unit below that. Repeat the same with the other leg. This will go on the inside. A little more effort than the front leg, but not too difficult.

6. Annnnnd… Tada!! Your bracelet is complete :)

So, were you able to make the bracelet? Do drop a line if you found the tutorial useful :)

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  2. We used to do something similar with gum wrappers when I was a kid. The old stick gum, the more variety the better. I’d forgotten about it but now I’ve got a granddaughter to help make them! Thanks.

  3. Those are very cute! I love your creativity! :)

  4. I love your tutorial. It’s very easy to get started with this one.

    I’ve made a link from my blog:

    • Thank you Susanne :)
      It gives me so much joy to know that it is useful for something!
      And you have incorporated it so beautifully in the purse too. Lovely to see it :)

      • I’m so happy, you like the way I used the technique :o ) ….and yes! Very useful :o ) Thanks :o )