Apr 182022

Earrings Heart This month has been a busy time for me, getting ready for the event I had posted about yesterday. And here is what I have been working on..

These heart earrings are a favourite of mine. And I have been making quite a number of them. Most of them have a little dangle and are about 5-6 cms in height. My daughter insisted that I make a few smaller ones too – she is very sure that kids will want to buy them and the ones with the dangle might be too big for them! :)

These stars set in spirals are decided difficult to make! I wish there were some instrument that would make this easier, but for now, I make these spirals by hand. And those spirals add so much of beauty to these earrings. I have also made star earrings with a single crystal and a few with a coil as a dangler but these, I hope, will be the highlight of my star earrings. In addition to black, I am also making these earrings in rainbow colours.

Leaf earrings always, always catch the eye. Any time I have worn my leaf earrings, I always receive compliments on my earrings. And people find it so hard to believe that it is paper! I am making these earrings in 2 sizes – 3 cms and 4 cms. Most of them are made from pearlescent momigami paper which adds a beautiful sheen to the earrings. Once again, I am making them in a variety of colours. The little pearl on the top goes well with the pearlized paper :)

And finally, wreath earrings are something that I always make. Made from 16 little bits of paper, they are pretty difficult to handle but look great when worn! I am making these earrings in a variety of washi and chiyogami paper. The gold accents in the chiyogami paper adds definite appeal to the earrings. I am also trying to turn them into studs (earrings on posts instead of fish hooks), though I might not be able to work it out in time for the event. But even on fish hooks, these earrings aren’t all that dangly or large.

I have more earrings that I am working on and will post them soon. In the meanwhile, if you are a Chennaite, do take the time to come for the Little People’s Festival and be sure to visit my stall :)

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  1. both leaves and heart r nice!

  2. super!! Pearlie you have a lot of patience in making these tiny earrings. love the spiral one

  3. Hello Pearlie
    loved your creations…
    passing on the BLOG AWARD to you …..check the link here….lets follow each other.