Church Sale

The past few days have been a busy time for me, preparing for our church sale. I had made origami earrings and bookmarks and tiny bags to put the earrings in. And my sister-in-law had made cards, using some origami dresses and some other flowers and decorations that she had collected. She had also printed bookmarks and wall posters. And the big day was yesterday Our sale was quite good. We managed to make more [Continued..]

Wreath Earrings and More

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Jul 102019

More earrings that I made today Star and Modular earrings. Love the jump rings in the stars These are some wreath earrings that I have been making recently. They are made from 8 modular pieces and are quite simple to make. I loooove the gloss in these earrings!! Model Details: Model: Wreath Earrings Classification: Origami | Jewellery | Modular | 8 Units Difficulty Level: Simple Number of Units: 8 Units Paper Ratio: Rectangle Paper Size: [Continued..]


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Jul 082019

Our church sale usually takes place in the first week of August and my sister-in-law and I have decided to put up a stall with our hand crafts. So we are busy preparing for the sale The sale features a lot of crafts stores, food stalls, games and a lot of other fun activities. As part of the sale, here are the earrings that I am making for the sale. I am supposed to make [Continued..]

Modular Earrings

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Jun 192019

These little modular earrings are each made from 3 units; units that are the same as those used in 3D Origami. I find 3D origami quite difficult to do because of the number of units involved. The most famous 3D origami swan is made from about 500 of these tiny units! Imagine making so many units! I will go mad!! So anyway, I found these earrings a very nice way of using these 3D units. [Continued..]

Star Earrings

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Feb 272019

I have been trying out more of the star earrings.. Those are the easiest earrings to make I think and I love making these tiny little stars!

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