Oct 032022
Icosahedron using Snapology

Let me start of by saying that the more I read about origami snapology, the more information I find! Plenty of tutorials are available to make the basic snapology unit. As for assembling the units into various polyhedra, there are tutorials for assembling the Icosahedron but all other polyhedra are strictly DIYs But once we understand the polyhedral shapes, using snapology units to form those shapes is fascinating, though challenging. To start off with the [Continued..]

Chrysanthemum Icosahedron

Dec 162019
Chrysanthemum Icosahedron

The Chrysanthemum Icosahedron is yet another modular origami, made from 30 squares of paper. Modules are easy to make but they should be folded perfectly, since they would not fit together otherwise. There is a small solution in case the modules do not fit together. The corner of the white bit in the flap can be folded , so that it can slide into the pocket easily. But in that case, you will need to [Continued..]