Oct 032022
Icosahedron using Snapology

Let me start of by saying that the more I read about origami snapology, the more information I find! Plenty of tutorials are available to make the basic snapology unit. As for assembling the units into various polyhedra, there are tutorials for assembling the Icosahedron but all other polyhedra are strictly DIYs But once we understand the polyhedral shapes, using snapology units to form those shapes is fascinating, though challenging. To start off with the [Continued..]

Easy Froebel Stars

Nov 192019
Easy Froebel Stars

I had trouble making my first few Froebel Stars because I didn’t have strips of paper with me, so had to cut out those strips first. That is a very tedious process! And I almost lost interest in making these lovely stars. That was when I remembered that I had some paper ribbons with me. All I needed to do was cut out lengths of ribbons and I was ready to roll! So since then [Continued..]

Nov 112019
Week 03 (Day 04): Froebel Star

  The Froebel Star, created by Froebel Friedrich, is a 3-D star, made from 4 strips of paper. It is known by quite a few names including German Star, Moravian Star and Advent Star. It involves a little weaving and making a few loops.. These stars make lovely Christmas decorations. In addition, they also can be converted into baskets, crosses and whole lot of other things. To make them, many stars are made and then [Continued..]

Good Friday – 2010

Apr 022019
Good Friday - 2010

Today is Good Friday, the day when Christ’s crucifixion and death on the cross is remembered by Christians world over. So why did Jesus Christ have to die on the cross? And rise again on the third day? Our God is a holy God. But we humans are born sinners and God’s holiness demands that sin be punished. As Romans 6:23 says, ‘The wages of sin is death’. This death means spiritual death, a death [Continued..]