Nov 222021
Modular Ring

After completing the Braided Ring a few days back, I was experimenting with folding another ring and ended up with this modular ring. It is made from 15 modules and is pretty easy to fold. I am working on a tutorial for folding this ring. And with Christmas coming up, I have been quite busy making quite a few ornaments. We had the first Christmas gathering yesterday, and I had made 100 ornaments to be giving [Continued..]

Dec 252020
Christmas Wishes

Wish you a blessed and joyous Christmas, dear readers! May the joy and peace of Christmas be with each and every one of you now and in the new year to come I read this Christmas Affirmation in a Christmas greeting that I received recently: I believe that Christmas is more than a time for parties and ornaments; it is a time for remembering Christ and the incarnation of God’s love in human flesh. I [Continued..]

Jun 292020
Spiky Wreath

This modular wreath is a great project for beginner origamist who are just starting off with modular origami. It is a traditional design and quite simple. I love how eye-catching the end result is! I had placed this at my desk in office and everyone who passed by, had a couple of remarks to make on the star Model Details: Model: Spiky Wreath Origin: Traditional Classification: Origami | Modular | 16 Units Difficulty Level: Simple Paper Ratio: Square Paper Size: 2 inches Modules: 16 Tutorial: Youtube Instructions: Origami [Continued..]

Week 03 (Day 06): Spiked Icosahedron

Nov 132019

 The Spiked Icosahedron is made from Nick Robinson’s trimodules. I thought it resembled Paolo Bascetta’s Star. The spiked icosahedron is made from 30 modules, which are quite easy to fold. I found that assembling them was slightly trickier since there really wasn’t anything to hold on to. In case you are thinking of doing this, make sure to start folding with the side you want in the pointy ends, facing up. The star doesn’t look [Continued..]

Week 03 (Day 05): Omega Star

Nov 122019
Week 03 (Day 05): Omega Star

 The Omega Star by John Montroll is the same as this Omega Star, the difference being that the one by John Montroll is made from a single square of paper. This is of course, another popular Christmas decoration and looks good when made in any kind of paper. Instructions and video tutorials are available on the net, but when I had done it for the first time last year, I found it much easier with [Continued..]