Oct 222021

SonobesI recently ordered a lot of origami paper from Kim’s Crane and am now thrilled with my supply of beautiful origami paper :) And since I had so much of variety, I decided to start off making Christmas decorations from them. And, I think the most common origami decoration for Christmas must be the Sonobe!

So here are a whole lot of origami sonobes made in a variety of colours and patterns, all set for Christmas. I am yet to add satin ribbons for hanging them from and I will be all set.

I had actually thought I would sell them online at Paper N Pearlz, but I am so in love with them, especially the black and white, the green and the violet, lavender and pink one, that I am yet to post them there!

I also ended up making a few Christmas stars, which you can see scattered around.

Model Details:

Model: Sonobes

Sonobe Creator: Mitsunobu Sonobe

Classification: Origami | Polyhedra | 12 Units | 30 Units | Christmas

Difficulty Level: High Intermediate

Paper Ratio: Square

Paper Size: 3 inches

Modules: 12 / 30

Instructions for Sonobe Units: Helena’s Origami Pages