Nov 282021

Bow Ornaments As promised, here is how to make these bow-shaped ornaments, using paper ribbons. The procedure is quite easy. Practically, I tried out a few ways of making it easier and I finally figured out the easiest way to make them! :)

The ornament takes about 15-20 minutes to make.

What is needed:

1. Paper ribbons. I prefer using it from the reel itself. This ensures that I don’t waste any of the ribbon. If you prefer to cut out the ribbon before starting, you will need about 6 foot 10 inches (82 inches) of ribbon for an ornament with a diameter of 4 inches. 

2. Scissors

3. Double-sided sticky tape

Now, on to the steps..


(Click on the picture for a larger, clearer one)

1. Measure 4-inches on your paper ribbon, fold and crease well. A bone-folder comes in handy, to make good creases.

2. Using this fold as reference, continue folding the ribbon, into long pleats. Pleat till you reach the end of your cut ribbon. You will have a little bit left over. Crease this also, in like with the rest of the creases. If you are folding from the reel, continue pleating till you have 20 folds (10 on each side). Fold one last time and cut the ribbon a little shorter than 2 inches.

3. Open  out the folds. Starting with the first fold, stick strips of double-sided sticky tape at the start of each fold. I hope you can make out those white bits in the picture! Do it for all the folds.

4. Remove the bit over the sticky tape for the first fold, fold into a loop and stick to the other end of the fold. You would have formed half a bow. Repeat with the next fold.

5. Continue till the end. The last extra bit that you had, will fold in the same way and will end a little below the top of the loop. There it will not be seen. Thread a wire/gold thread through one of the loops, to hang on a tree.


1. You can make bigger/smaller ornaments by reducing the size of the folds in Step 1. I have folded sizes from 3 to 6 inches and they work out fine. You don’t have to be accurate in measuring the length, just eye-ball it and you should be fine :)

2. Use 2 different ribbons to form a smaller ornament inside a bigger one. You will need to crease the ribbon on the inside, about half the length as the ribbon outside. First stick the outer and inner ribbons together using double-sided tape. And then form the loops using the ribbon on the inside.

3. Form half the number of loops and create a new fan-like ornament :)

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  1. Nice and great creativity …

  2. Looks fabulous

  3. Very creative n looking very good.can u show the video on how to make?

    • Thank you! :) Your’s is the first request for a video tutorial and hopefully I will try to oblige you soon!
      Thanks for visiting..

  4. Wow Pearlie! Such pretty ornaments :)