Nov 282021
Tutorial - Bow Ornament

As promised, here is how to make these bow-shaped ornaments, using paper ribbons. The procedure is quite easy. Practically, I tried out a few ways of making it easier and I finally figured out the easiest way to make them! The ornament takes about 15-20 minutes to make. What is needed: 1. Paper ribbons. I prefer using it from the reel itself. This ensures that I don’t waste any of the ribbon. If you prefer [Continued..]

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Nov 262021
Bow Ornament

I recently found these bow ornaments, while searching for Christmas ornaments. They were made from paper and looked very pretty! It basically involves cutting strips of paper, stapling them and forming the bows. I really wasn’t up to cutting so many strips, so thought I would attempt them with paper ribbons instead. And I think they have come out quite fine!  They are quite easy to do and I will put up a tutorial tomorrow, on [Continued..]

Nov 242021
Boutonnières – Maroon and Cream

Another wedding, another colour concept, more boutonnières Maroon and cream is a very rich combination I think, and absolutely exquisite for a wedding. So when we got another order for making boutonnières in these colours, we were quite delighted. My sister-in-law picked up some great materials and we experimented yet again. Some flowers, stalks of flowers, some spirals, some gold and silver net and then finally, a beautiful boutonnière. The bride’s mom was quite happy with our [Continued..]

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Nov 222021
Modular Ring

After completing the Braided Ring a few days back, I was experimenting with folding another ring and ended up with this modular ring. It is made from 15 modules and is pretty easy to fold. I am working on a tutorial for folding this ring. And with Christmas coming up, I have been quite busy making quite a few ornaments. We had the first Christmas gathering yesterday, and I had made 100 ornaments to be giving [Continued..]

Boutonnières – Lavender and White

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Nov 162021

My sister-in-law and I have been experimenting with boutonnières made from paper flowers. A friend’s daughter’s wedding was fast approaching and she was asked to make these for the bridal party. I have never made boutonnières before and I have no clue about working with natural flowers! So we ended up working with artificial paper flowers. A few flowers, some strings of beads, some spirals, ribbons and I think we ended up with some pretty nice boutonnières. We even [Continued..]

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