Nov 052021

  Tried an origami wall decor for the first time. Turns out, even a simple design such as the spiky wreath isn’t all that easy to convert into a decorative item!

The first issue was with the size. I wanted it to be at least 12 inches in size, so needed to hunt out paper that measured 9 inches at least. And in coordinating colours! Folding it was easy. Assembling was also easy. But all the pieces had to be glued, because of the size.

And after that, I made a mistake. I didn’t glue down a couple of the modules in a perfect circle, so I ended up with a slightly skewed circle

I also added a coat of glaze – not a bright idea! It looks kinda streaked in the black modules.

Well, live and learn! I hope my next one is a better success :)