Oct 222021
Sonobes for Christmas

I recently ordered a lot of origami paper from Kim’s Crane and am now thrilled with my supply of beautiful origami paper And since I had so much of variety, I decided to start off making Christmas decorations from them. And, I think the most common origami decoration for Christmas must be the Sonobe! So here are a whole lot of origami sonobes made in a variety of colours and patterns, all set for Christmas. [Continued..]

Dec 012019
Toshie's Jewel

Christmas is almost here!! I love this time of the year. And this year, to add to the usual joy of Christmas, I will also try and add as many posts on Christmas origami as possible And to kickstart this season of love, here is a Sunken Sonobe 3 unit assembly. The usual 3 unit sonobe assembly is called Toshie’s Jewel, presented first by Toshie Takahama. She had strung along a number of these units [Continued..]