Nov 242021

Boutonnières – Maroon and Cream Another wedding, another colour concept, more boutonnières :) Maroon and cream is a very rich combination I think, and absolutely exquisite for a wedding. So when we got another order for making boutonnières in these colours, we were quite delighted.

My sister-in-law picked up some great materials and we experimented yet again. Some flowers, stalks of flowers, some spirals, some gold and silver net and then finally, a beautiful boutonnière. The bride’s mom was quite happy with our creation, I understand.

But I think I need to give these boutonnières a rest! I find that they are not all that easy to make. And for this wedding, I had to make 25 of them. Not much after after the first 3 or 4 of them! On the other hand, it really is a delight to show them to someone and find their faces light up on seeing them :) So I will continue making these boutonnières, though after a short break.

In the meanwhile, I have quite a lot of Christmas ornaments to make, tutorials to prepare.. Whew, Christmas is the busiest time of the year, isn’t it? :o

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  1. Wow!!! They look very pretty!!! Great Going