May 232020

Origami Boxes are numerous! And I love folding them.. So much so that I have a category ‘Holders‘, dedicated to boxes, baskets and various other holders. But in spite of that, I wanted to do a week of boxes, starting with a listing of some of my favourite boxes :)

Valentines Day boxesOne of my favourite boxes is the Heart Box, created by Robin Glynn. In addition to it being one of my favourites, it is also a pretty popular box and gets a steady stream of visitors..

One of the earliest boxes I made is the Lamp-shaped Bowl, by Tomoko Fuse. This is still a favourite of mine.

And from more recent days, this Hexagonal Box is a particular favourite of mine. More so because of the colour combination I had used! But still, a really beautiful box, again by Tomoko Fuse.