May 242020

Origami Triangular Boxes

I have previously made triangular boxes from 3 modules and wanted to try out one from a single sheet of paper. And found out Thoki Yenn’s triangular box, where both the box and the lid are made from a single sheet of A4 size paper.

I love how economical the box and lid is! The box is made from half the A4 paper and the lid from half a square from the same sheet. The instructions sound quite complex, but making these boxes is actually quite simple.

Model Details:

Model: Triangular Boxes

Creator: Thoki Yenn

Creator’s Website: The Clouds of Thoki Yenn

Classification: Origami | Boxes

Difficulty Level: Low Intermediate

Paper Size: A4 (297 mm * 210 mm)

Instructions: The Clouds of Thoki Yenn

Origami Triangular Box